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Do you have a disability? Hunting apartments or condos for rent near The Signature at MGM Grand might be challenging for you because you need places with certain special features that go beyond the usual amenities or perks for Las Vegas homeowners. Here are some tips that will come in handy when hunting for an apartment with a disability:

Understand the Disability That Qualifies for Protection

Under federal law, disabilities qualify for protection when they meet the definition of the Fair Housing Act (FHA). If you have a disability, you need to determine how it qualifies.

Familiarize Yourself with Disability Rights for Apartment Hunters

The FHA ensures that your landlord treats you the same as any other tenant. This allows you to enjoy the apartment like other people.

Learn How to Find Accessible Apartments

Not every disabled person needs housing with accessible features. However, if you do, you can use several online resources to run an efficient search. You should use these resources to avoid wasting time on apartments that do not meet your needs.

Get Realistic Accommodation Requests Granted

The FHA needs property owners to grant reasonable accommodations to apartment hunters with disabilities. For instance, you might be allowed to keep a guide dog even if the apartment has a no-pet policy. Moreover, you might need a wheelchair to access the common areas where electric vehicles are banned.

Look out for Illegal Steering

Apartment hunters who have a disability should know about steering, which is an indirect form of discrimination. This means that the landlord could try to steer you to other properties in the area because of your disability. For instance, the landlord can place all wheelchair users in one part of the building thus making it hard for you to learn about vacancies in other parts of the complex.

Ask the Right Questions

You should prepare a list of questions, which include:

  • Is the shower or tub big enough?
  • Do the doors have knobs or handles?
  • Are there ramps in the necessary places?
  • Do you have dedicated parking spaces for disabled persons?
  • How long are the counters?


Opt for Newer Complexes

Under the FHA, houses built after 1991 need to meet some accessibility requirements. For instance, the complexes should have accessible common areas and parking. Newer apartment buildings might also have features such as walk-in showers, lower cabinets, extra floor space, and wider doorways.

If you are worried about move in day, you should consider hiring a moving company. Make sure that you check online reviews such as Umovefree Reviews before choosing any moving company.

Consider the Location

Aside from apartment accessibility from the inside, you also need to make sure that it is accessible from the outside. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a public transportation stop nearby?
  • Do restaurants and pharmacies deliver there?
  • Can you get to the common areas easily?


Consider the Cost

In most cases, cost is the biggest impediment when looking for the right apartment. Social Security Disability Income is rarely ever enough to cover rent. On the flip side, cheaper buildings tend to be the most inaccessible. Therefore, you should consider your budget when apartment hunting.

Consider Filing a Complaint for Fair Housing

If you keep all the above tips in mind and believe that property owners discriminate against you because of your disability, you can file a fair housing complaint against the person. You can pursue a claim by filing a complaint department of Housing and Urban Development thus saving your time and money.

Finding the right apartment is not easy, especially if you have a disability. Although the process is not easy, it is still possible to find the right apartment for your needs.

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