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If you are coming to America’s playground, Las Vegas, then you have to prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience. This bright and noisy paradise has everything from the luxury hotels, grand shows and attractions, non-stop entertainment, award-winning restaurants, and more for you to enjoy no matter how long your stay will be.

However, as exciting as it sounds, visiting the Sin City can be just as expensive. There is no need to worry much though, as it is definitely possible to explore Las Vegas on a budget.

For those who are planning on having a vacation in Las Vegas, especially the first timers, here are some tips on how to save money in Vegas without compromising the fun.

Pack light

Firstly, like in every travel, it would be best to pack light for your trip to Las Vegas. Make sure to pack only the most important things to avoid buying and spending money on them when you arrive in the city. Do not also bring too many pairs of shoes and clothes, and forget about bringing a formal attire. Instead, make room in your luggage for sunscreen and a light jacket to protect yourself whether from the scorching hot sun or from the blasting air conditioner inside casinos and malls.

Visit mid-week

While planning your visit to Vegas, keep in mind that it would be best to schedule it in the middle of the week because hotel rates are definitely much cheaper during the weekdays, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Try your best to avoid staying in the city on Saturdays because it has the highest and the worst hotel rates out of the week, especially during holidays when their prices often escalate up to two to three times their normal prices.

Book your flight early

Waiting for last minute flights are usually not a good idea. Not only have tickets become more expensive, but there is also no guarantee that there will still be available seats by that time. Ideally, you should book your flight at least six to eight weeks prior your planned stay in Vegas. Take note of the prime times of cheap flights to Vegas as well which are during July, August, and mid-December. Additionally, flying during the week are always cheaper than on weekends.

Stay near and not directly on the Strip or Downtown

You should try to visit places and do activities as many as you can when you finally land in Las Vegas to make the most out of your stay in the city. The best way to do this is to stay on places near the Strip or Downtown, but not directly on it, like the Signature at MGM Grand. Staying near where the action is will maximize your time to experience the city while minimizing your transportation cost.

You should also check out hotels on Fremont Street on the downtown area which are less expensive than the hotels along the Strip.

Avoid riding taxis

Staying near the Strip can definitely save you transportation money. However, before you decide to ignore the cars and start walking, you have to remember that the Strip is a four-mile long boulevard. You might need to ride public transportation to go from one place to another, especially if it is in a different area, but you should avoid riding on overpriced taxis. Instead, use the cheaper online ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

You can also ride the Monorail which is probably the most convenient way to get around the Strip, or the Deuce bus which operates 24/7 to go up and down the Strip and the Fremont Street any time you need to. There are also trams you can ride on for free to go between some hotels.

Drink for free

Among the several things listed in lists of free things to do in Las Vegas, there is one important thing missing—drinking for free. Technically, you cannot get a free drink in Las Vegas. However, if you decide to hit the casinos, you might get one or more.

Casinos offer free cocktails in an effort to keep you gambling. You do not need to order. All you need to do is keep on playing, be patient, and wait for the cocktail waitresses to approach you. Moreover, if you tip well, the drinks will keep on flowing.

Eat like the locals

Living in Las Vegas can definitely feel like having a long vacation, but the locals most definitely cannot afford eating tourist priced meals every day. A good way to save money while on the city is to discover where the locals eat from the local blogs and newspapers, and dine there. Try researching for restaurants that offer happy hours too.

You can also get cheaper food and drink by having coupons. The coupon books in hotel lobbies have them, and you can find them online as well. You should also try checking out how you can experience an international food tour without leaving Las Vegas.

See free shows and attractions

There are plenty of free things to do in Las Vegas, and you should definitely take advantage of them. You can see the Bellagio Fountains, the biggest collection of Pinball machines at Pinball Hall of Fame, and even pink flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife Habitat for free! Fremont Street Experience also has plenty of free shows and performances for you to watch.

You should also check out if there are shows playing on the hotel you stay in because they usually offer discounts to their guests.

Get the Las Vegas Explorer Pass

Having the Las Vegas Explorer Pass will allow you to visit three, four, five, or seven out of 38 top attractions featured in Las Vegas and save up to 60%. Some of the attractions include the High Roller Observational Wheel and the Stratosphere Observation Deck.

Lastly, adding on the tips for Vegas on a budget listed above, you should make a solid plan and itinerary before visiting the city. You should also remember to double check and confirm your stay on your booked hotel to avoid any delay and any additional cost.

These are just a few but definitely helpful tips to enjoy Las Vegas on a budget. Make the most out of your visit in the city without busting your pockets.

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